About goguard – child bicycle seat

From idea to reality… after about 3 long years is a Danish unique and minimalist bicycle seat Goguard on the street!
A small network of enthusiasts in the bicycle industry, each with its longstanding background and knowledge , has managed to design and build the future bicycle seat. It is now ready to come out on Danish roads and in the great world, hopefully to the delight of both the parents and the little important passenger.
Goguard is Danish designed and produced, and offers in addition to design a number of advantages in safety, flexibility and comfort.



Goguard L designed for children from about 9 months to 6 years / max 22kg. Mounted on the back of the bike with 3-point mounting for maximum security / stability. Goguard protects your child optimally with infinitely adjustable headrest with room for helmet, high side edges , fully adjustable 5 point harness with safety lock . Optimal leg protectors with adjustable footrest and flexible silicone foot straps . Soft lines and no sharp edges.
Comply with EU standard EN14344.


Goguard L can be mounted on almost all types of bikes. City- Sport MTB E -bike. High or low frame height, thin or heavy frame. Can be switched between two bikes.
Goguard L can be adapted to your child in a large number of points without tools. Adjustable headrest. Harness fully adjustable – also for winter clothes. Harness with automatic adaptation to the shoulders. Seat rest infinitely adjustable. Footrest / adjustable straps.


Goguard L provides your child comfort.
The seat is comfortable , not rigid, but flexible.
Armrests with finger grip.
Soft seat / back cushion.
Curved headrest for helmet.
Adjustable seat rest position.
Footrest can easily be adapted to the appropriate height.
Shock absorbing bracket.
No annoying horizontal or vertical movements when driving.


Goguard L is designed with the idea of ​​a completely different minimalist bicycle seat. A design enveloping your bike , design to give both you and your child smile and joy of cycling on the road or in the wild together.
Goguard L is composed of the best materials for maximum safety, comfort for both driver and passenger. Intelligent design enables stability combined with low weight – less than 3kg.
Danish design and production.

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